I cut my hair My favorite color is purple And I’m in love

Cy recently went to Govball. Here are a few photos.

I fell in love with him.

Summer is here! Grab a disposable or film camera and snap some pictures of your friends. Waiting to see how your pictures turn out is always fun and surprising. by Sav

Mother Earth has cared for us for our entire existence and in return, we have become monsters lurking in the shadows feeding off her life source and snatching away any beauty that’s left inside of her. Debates about climate change and global warming have become a reality, with unusual rising temperatures in places such as […]

My best friend and I saw too many bands within one week and I decided to bring along a disposable camera. 

i imagine myself dancing beneath the brilliant summer sunsets, the sky painted like a canvas with shades of coruscate tiger, tangerine, fuchsia, and violet.