Our Team

Here at ROSEBLOOD we treat each other like family. You are a part of that family, so why not get to know us a little better!

If you are interested in joining our team, contact us through our Twitter DM’s with some samples of your art medium and we will provide you with more information!

Your Editor in Chief, Aly, is an avid writer who often finds her passion in poetry, daydreams, and essay rants. She’s a Taurus and takes great pride in being the “mom” friend. She’s someone you can run to with any issue, and she’ll have a carefully thought out plan to help you, or a soft shoulder to cry on. She looks tough, but she’s a mushy mess.  


Your Editorial Director, Gabi, is a peach. She’s a photographer who can find the beauty in anything set in front of her. Her Capricorn self takes the world head on, and loves to journal and create zines. Art is a key aspect in her life and she wouldn’t trade her creative compassion for art, stickers, and glitter, for anything in the world. 


Photo credit: Hana Mendel

These beautiful babes help us out each and every month to provide you with quality content each day! Check em out, chat with them! Tell them how much you adore them, we sure do.

Aisha, political writer.

Cy, photographer.

Deirdre, writer.

Eva, environmentalist. 

Frances, photographer and aspiring writer.

Hunter, makeup tutor and writer.

Lindsey, photographer.

Melody, creator.

Nat, fashion forecaster. 

Paris, logo and cover art illustrator

Sav, photographer.

Sienna, writer.