10 Ways to Survive the Mercury Retrograde

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First things first: What is the Mercury retrograde?

From December 3rd to December 22nd, planet Mercury (the planet of communication), will be in retrograde. This means that Mercury appears to be going in reverse, which can screw up communication, moving on, and transmission of any kind.

How do we survive this?

  1. Don’t do anything too risky. Double check and proof read all messages, don’t say anything without clearly thinking it through. Whatever can go wrong, will.
  2. Make your intent clear with people. Don’t be wishy washy- people will misunderstand you.
  3. Clear your mind. Get things done. Splurge on aromatherapy and sage. Do yoga and listen to soft music.
  4. During the retrograde, it is the perfect time to reflect on the past year. Read old journals. Read old love notes. Write new ones. Don’t send them (yet).
  5. Make sure you have time set aside for anything that could go wrong- this means show up at the airport early. Order your coffee ahead of time. Set your alarm. Don’t be late.
  6. Read your tarot cards. Do a “past, present, future” spread. Are you content with your current direction?
  7. Make lists. Fill them with ideas, random thoughts that pop in your head, resolutions, etc. Keep your lists in a safe place. Do you ever wonder where all the notes that you scribbled to yourself went?
  8. Take time for yourself. Wear comfortable, soft clothes. Meditate.
  9. This is not the time to be impulsive. Remember this.
  10. This is the time to refuel. Fill yourself with inspiration from films and 90’s movie stars. Reinvent.

Remember- you can always just blame it on the retrograde.

By Gabi Barrera