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Monthly Fashion Trends – June

Nat is currently enrolled at the LA Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDIM). Here are a few trends to look out for this month.

The Paris Agreement

I’m sure you’ve seen the Paris Agreement all over the news over the past month, but what exactly is it? An old war treaty? Some agreement over croissants? Just random political jargon?

How To Be Eco Friendly Without Breaking The Bank

Mother Earth has cared for us for our entire existence and in return, we have become monsters lurking in the shadows feeding off her life source and snatching away any beauty that’s left inside of her. Debates about climate change and global warming have become a reality, with unusual rising temperatures in places such as […]

Pomp & Circumstance: The Anti Graduation Speech

Seniors, Does it feel like you worked your hardest all four years of high school to get the opposite results you were hoping for? Did you follow the magic equation: excellent grades + rigorous classes + extracurriculars and sports + leadership + job = college success, and still come out empty handed? Or did you […]

The Effects of Animal Agriculture 

By this point in time, I’m sure we’ve all heard of climate change. The Earth’s temperature is rising, the ice caps are melting, and the sea levels are increasing.

Cultural Appropriation: Fashions Biggest Faux Pas

As summer quickly approaches, warm weather, Senioritis and music festival season has already begun. While students and celebrities alike begin to assemble their summer wardrobe, it’s important to ensure that fashion choices are not culturally insensitive or offensive.


“You throw like a girl” “Be a man” “Stop being such a girl” I’ve heard all of these insults in just one day. When was being a girl a bad thing?