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The Warmth, The Calm

If seasons were translated to words on a paper summer would be a tale of innocent love


you die every night and are reborn at dawn.

Summer 2015

I cut my hair My favorite color is purple And I’m in love

Sunkissed Lullabies

I fell in love with him.

Summer Heartbreak 

i imagine myself dancing beneath the brilliant summer sunsets, the sky painted like a canvas with shades of coruscate tiger, tangerine, fuchsia, and violet.

Daydreams: A Poem by Harry

When I first looked at you, I did not think I would love you.

Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

The snow has melted. The weather is warming. I stand on my two feet, strong and ready to run for the hills for whatever calls my name. I am ready to grow, in essence.