Recently, I took my good friend Noah back to his old high school to take some portraits. I mixed up this photo series with both film and digital photos, because I am indecisive about which I like better. Noah’s emphasizes how clothes and makeup are genderless, and there should be no assumptions on his sexuality based on what he desires to wear and make of himself. You can find Noah on instagram!

Photos by Lindsey Fox



Haunt. A Photo Series

To look at your past and scoff at it would be a tragic act to do. We learn from it, and in time we need to accept it for what it is and what the universe put in front of you to battle off because it knew you could hold up the weight of the world. Don’t let it haunt you to the end of the earth. Don’t let it creep up on you in the middle of the night. Just keep telling yourself that you will be alright.


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By Cara.

A Divine Mankind. – A Photo Series

I guarantee we will never in our lives see the day that every single human that walks this fragile earth, become fully satisfied with themselves and the way they look. So while we strive for the idea of perfection to consume us, we might as well see the beauty in others and the world around us, which will then influence the way we see ourselves and our own soul, and if that is fulfilled, the wave of self love will then be accomplished.

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FOOD. Photo Series

Recently, I took some shots for my friend Evan for his budding hand-made clothing company called FOOD. It’s so up and coming, it isn’t even available yet. Evan’s soft tees and odds and ends feature hand sewn felt letters that spell out qualities or things to Evan. Below is my visual representation of the company.

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