Self Portraits by Frances Weger

These self portraits by Frances Weger show power in being a young girl. Her honest and raw face and natural features are contrasted with a sword and are complimented by bright florals.   Sharp The world is yours and you can’ t refuse it.  Whenever I take photos I usually focus on having the photo be […]

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Close the GAP

A flirty photographic story that shows two models attempting to interact with one another, only to be separated by a GAP. Being people of colour, the gap is also a representation of the lack of diversity and the difficulties we encounter in the creative scene.

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He Is Strong Coffee

Pierce is my muse, my world, my sugar snap pea, my lover for life and most of all my best friend. I’m very grateful for the month we had to spend together. I took plenty photos of this beautiful boy when I had the chance. I’d like to thank Pierce for all the love and […]

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