Summer Crushing.Docx

10:12 pm
I fell for someone. Someone I can’t have.

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806 Miles

806 miles away from you and somehow I have never felt closer. I suppose distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. You sounded like a broken record the day I left, repeating the phrase “don’t leave me” like each time would further incline me to stay. I told you it was only for five days. You were still upset. I would be too, I think. And since that day you’ve been calling every night with plenty of questions about how I’m doing and that same statement: “I miss you.”

But it feels like you’re here, with me, in St. Augustine, FL. In the sun, kissing me and painting me golden one hour at a time. (It reminds me of your warmth, your endless shine.) In the sea, foaming around my ankles and tickling that spot on the back of my neck. (It reminds me of your amusing inconsistency, your roaring tides of passion that change every day.) In the air itself, filled with sunshine and laughter and being away from home. It reminds me with every breath that there is always hope and renewal. We can start over every day.

806 miles and I couldn’t feel less lonely.

by Courtney