“Is This Who I Really Am?” – An Interview with Enya

Enya, better known as en_jajaja on multiple social media platforms, is an icon for hundreds of thousands of people.

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Things to do This Summer

Here are a few summer activities to inspire you!

  • drive in movie – grab someone you don’t see much and bring a blanket & snacks
  • camping – ask a family member to come with you, they stick around forever
  • stargazing – take someone you love or could potentially love and show them all the constellations you know
  • bowling – get a group of friends and go bowling, take them all to eat waffles past midnight
  • sleep over – this isn’t just for when you were a little kid. Pop in your favorite movie and bring face masks
  • get wine drunk – or get regular drunk, wine just makes you look classy and we all like that feeling
  • tie dye – grab all your white clothes and give them an extra touch of originality
  • road trip – if you pick the right people, the destination won’t matter
  • roller skating – put glitter on your face and don’t be afraid to bust your ass
  • blue berry muffins – make these before everyone else in your house wakes up, make everyone happy for a little bit
  • sneak out – find a remote place in the middle of the night with someone who has stars in their heart. watch the sunrise
  • theme parks – ride all the rides that make your stomach drop
  • concerts – splurge on your favorite band and show up early so you can see their smile up close
  • ice cream – or fro-yo, or gelato, or whatever you want. sweet stuff always fixes a sour day
  • drive – the best time is during the night, play your favorite music
  • explore – nature, or big cities. with the right person this could be the day that you talk about forever
  • make art – music, poetry, paintings, it doesn’t matter. don’t stop inventing new ways to express yourself

By Taylor