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The Warmth, The Calm

If seasons were translated to words on a paper summer would be a tale of innocent love

Monthly Fashion Trends – June

Nat is currently enrolled at the LA Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDIM). Here are a few trends to look out for this month.

The Paris Agreement

I’m sure you’ve seen the Paris Agreement all over the news over the past month, but what exactly is it? An old war treaty? Some agreement over croissants? Just random political jargon?


you die every night and are reborn at dawn.

Star – A Short Story

Madaleine sat with her head in the pool, her swimsuit clinging to each part of her podgy body, her blond hair freelancing underneath her, almost as if it was a mermaid’s tail, sparkling underneath the summer sky.

806 Miles

806 Miles – distance does not disrupt love

Summer in the Making

journal scans on summer love and the feeling of warm sun on skin. by Melody