Essential Oil 101

Essential oils and botanicals have been used for as long as 5,000 years in many countries to aid people in need, whether it be a sickness or to center yourself for the day there are tons of ways to use them especially to balance out your new year!

!!A disclaimer for your fury friends!!

Always make sure to keep your pets in mind when using essential oils in and around the house! Some animals (especially dogs and cats) cannot handle high levels of a compound called Phenol that is found in many oils. Long exposure of this chemical to their lungs could cause heart, lung, and liver problems. Make sure you do not keep your pet exposed to strong oils for a prolonged amount of time and always dilute your oils with water.

*Also make sure that before you use any essential oil, check to see if it can be used for topical and external use!*

Ylang Ylang: hair repair, aids stress

Tea Tree: infection, respiratory

Sage: helps fever, joint pain, appetite stimulant

Rosemary: helps dandruff, pain relief, digestion

Rose: dry skin, aids menstrual pain

Peppermint: helps stomach aches and digestive problems, sore muscles

Orange: respiratory, oily skin moisturizer

Neroli: helps stress, dry skin moisturizer

Lemongrass: muscle aches, infections, stress

Lemon: respiratory, toner, reduce scarring

Lavender: sleep, relaxation, dry skin

Frankincense: relaxing, centering, focusing

Eucalyptus: treats respiratory issues, insect repellant

Essential Oil Blends:

  • Goodnight sleep: Chamomile + lavender
  • Sore Muscle Blend: Peppermint + Eucalyptus
  • Stress blend: Sage + Lavender + Lemon
  • Get Concentrated: Rosemary + Lemon + Peppermint
  • Cramp Relief: Peppermint + Cypress + Lavender
  • Cure your Winter Blues: Ylang Ylang + Orange

This is just the start of your essential Oil journey and once you get the hang of it you can mix any oils of your choice together to create your own unique blend! Enjoy!

With love,



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