Things to do Everyday

Lately, I have been feeling as though I need a fresh start and to rid of all negativity in my life. When I feel this way, which is more often than I wished, I tend to unfollow everyone and have an existential crisis that lasts for about a week. This time, however, I have made a list of things I want to accomplish everyday to work towards a positive lifestyle instead of believing that it can happen overnight. Here is the list I have composed:
1. Rid of all negative people. This includes both in real life AND on your social media feeds. Real life negativity is not really a problem for me as much as comparing myself to the perfect girls on Instagram and losing self-confidence that way. I cannot really give advice for forgetting about people in real life that bring negativity because the way I did it years ago is unhealthy and not recommended. But for the social media aspect, I say only follow people that spread positivity daily, make you happy in general, or inspire you (be careful not to get this confused with WANTING to be this person).
2. Feed your body superfoods, but do not be afraid to indulge. I’m not saying you should ALWAYS say yes to junk food, but every once in a while is fine. If you have trouble with limiting your amount of junk, keep track of what you eat and how you feel after. Personally, I feel absolutely GROSS after I eat anything that is not nutritional or raw, so it is easy to not eat junk. However, I would not have realized this if I did not start keeping track.
3. Spend time alone. GO OUTSIDE IN NATURE AND JUST EXIST. Dance around in your underwear to your favorite song or read that book you have always been wanting to read. During your alone time, do something engaging so you can take this time to learn about yourself. Trust me, learning who you are takes a long time, but it is worth it.
4. LEAVE YOUR HOUSE (WITH A LOVED ONE). I know for introverts like myself, it is hard to get out and explore with people, even if they are close friends. Also, if you struggle with any mental disorders that prohibit you from wanting to experience, acknowledge you are not alone, but you need to get out. I have been struggling with depression since I was 8 (I am 16) and it took me until I was 15 to realize this. I made myself leave my bedroom. once a week with my best friend, then twice, and now I am currently at three times a week. You do not have to do anything extravagant at this time, just go see a movie or walk in the park and enjoy nature.
5. Drink water. A lot of it. Everyday. This one seems obvious, but most people overlook this advice. I’m not saying it is magical, but it does help. I promise you.
6. Stop thinking (so much). I have a huge problem with over-thinking that I am still working on, so I can’t give the greatest advice on this one, but I know we all need to do it.
7. Meditate. Guided meditations are free on YouTube and are helpful to beginners. I tried guided meditations every day this past summer, and it did the opposite of what it was supposed to on me. If you’re like me, I would not recommend giving up completely. I have a weird obsession with music, and I find clearing my head while listening to my favorite songs really releases stressors gets me on that meditation high which I LOVE. (You should try it: just lay on your bed, eyes closed, with your earbuds in and your favorite song blasting. It works!)
8. Yoga. I HAVE BEEN SO INTO YOGA LATELY IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND IT HAS GIVEN ME SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO EVERYDAY. Sorry, I just really appreciate it. It took me a few tries over the past three years to get into it, but I finally did and I promise you it is worth it. It is so cool to be flexible, while also gaining muscle and relaxing! Do yoga as often as you can, please.
9. Read. Work your brain. Expand your vocabulary. I love reading and I have been reading since I was two, so I am not sure what advice to give on how to get into it, but look it up and get into it! It is so worth it! I know we all have those boring days where you have NOTHING planned and you have refreshed your Twitter timeline at least 30 times… read a book!
10. Journaling. Releasing the overwhelming thoughts into your head onto paper helps more than you could ever imagine. Write everything. Write all the things you did one day that made you happy. Write everything you did throughout the entire day and every conversation you had that you do not want to forget. Journaling clears your head and it is SO FUN to go back and look at your mental progression and past conversations.
11. Do not judge people. That brings in unnecessary negativity and is so boring! LIKE… just think about it?? You are wasting your precious time caring about other people’s life choices?? STOP! Focus on yourself baby!
12. Be nice, but do not let others take advantage of you. You know your limits. Do not let people cross your boundaries and use you. You are strong and you can stand up for yourself. But be nice to everyone! That is such easy positivity being manifested into your life.
13. Don’t care what others think. Be yourself. Do whatever the fuck you want to do. Very overused sayings, but hold so much truth! Stop living your life to impress other people and start living your life to impress yourself! This is my number one tip and something I am proud to say everyone usually compliments me on.
14. SPEND TIME NAKED. Usually, the average person is only naked when they are getting dressed, undressed, or bathing. Lock your door, close your blinds, and spend time alone naked. Do not be afraid to look at yourself, but don’t judge yourself. Being in your most vulnerable state for long periods of time allows you to be more comfortable with who you are. You are one, with all that is, and you are the most you at this raw state. I LIVE by this piece of advice. Also, do not sexualize this tip. I am talking about self-love and positivity of teenagers and young adults. Get out of here with your sexualization, asshole!
I know these tips can seem overwhelming at first glance, but break them down. Read one a day. ACCOMPLISH one a day until you handle two, then three or four. Before you know it, you will be subconsciously completing each of these goals everyday.

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