Notevember – Week One

Notevember, writing everyday for the sake of exploring all kinds of words.

Wednesday, November 1st
Im failing to forget about everything basically.

About how I could’ve loved you better and fixed this. Instead of sitting here listening to songs that make it extremely hard for me to forget everything. 
Thursday, November 2nd
I rejected you at first, your love and care.

I thought that if I forced myself to forgot the idea of someone loving you existed.

Then I wouldn’t have to face the perishing heartache afterwards, but i did.

I slipped and fell so softly, i almost didn’t notice the falling. But the discomfort leached on to me until i had to acknowledge it eventually.
Friday, November 3rd
I’ll write to you, throughout this journey, i’ll write to you about several feelings and emotions that are so common between us because it’s simply Its what i do best.

I’ll write to you because my words carry a great value and i’ll never put more effort into anything but my words.

 So for you, I’ll write 
Saturday, November 4th
to you, my person.

Someone who i can easily talk to about how my sanity is leaving in little pieces.

She goes through impenetrable battles and she raises her head high.

Most importantly she carries pure wisdom, she sees the bigger picture like its left there at the back of her mind.

She’s a mosaic art piece and every piece of her tells a story deeper than the other.

My person, a rock in a fathomless atmosphere.
Sunday, November 5th
Love poems that screech in your head, so loud you try to block your ears. Love poems they fill your heart with an unknown feeling, perhaps its because you miss so dearly and you remember so clearly. How it once felt to love so deeply. But even if you grew past that, love poems speak so loudly. You don’t understand, you want to yell back ” do you have to be so loud? About your love and all that desires for someone? Do you have to be so loud about how dwelled in someone’s heart?” But you cant, and you stay quiet for the soul purpose which is of your heart. Because you once again remember how it felt at some point of your life.
Saturday, November 6th
a wicked smile, tears from laughter 

she’s the epitome of an outstanding soul 

in a crowd full of a million faces that look the same 

she’s standing right there uniquely effortlessly 

no way you’ll miss her.


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