a forgotten poetry reading, for a lost lover

i. you have never seen a girl like this, with crow-like wings where her arms should be and blue black feathers with knife edges. you think even her lips would be sharp to the touch.
(you admit that never before have you craved pain,
but for this girl you would change)

ii. you don’t approach her. there is war where her feet tread, a battleground spreads like disease as she continues to dance on grass once green.

(you think that if she spoke or sang, her                                                                    voice would be a wolf’s howl)

iii. you’ve been warned of void girls before but when she meets your eyes, a grin made for fighting and teeth bared for biting, you forget everything but the thought of her lips on yours.

(you like how darkness feels against your skin,
all satin and silk, those sharp lips at your throat)

iv. your first mistake was watching. your second was wanting. your third is a tentative smile as her cold hands find yours, pale flesh where feathers once stood.

(but if you’re honest,
you wouldn’t have it any other way)

The Morrigan – L.S.

Hi guys, I found an old file of me reading a poem to someone whom I loved with my entire heart, but never had the chance to send while I could. This is your sign to tell someone you love them – before you lose them. 

With love,



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