Natural Makeup 101

Going natural is hard.It’s hard to find a brand that doesn’t put chemicals in their products, or test on animals, or isn’t outrageously, astronomically expensive. But it isn’t impossible. It’s totally doable as long as you do your research.

First, let’s start with the basics. 

Lush, while known for their skincare, also has a beauty line. While these products are more on the expensive side, they are all natural and cruelty free. Many people speak very highly of the mascara especially.

The Body Shop is also a brand that is organic and all natural. Their products are a little less expensive than Lush’s, and include an amazing foundation and concealer line. While they don’t have the best color range, it’s a start.

Some more obscure, less known natural makeup brands include RMS Beauty, ILIA Beauty, 100% Pure, Lotus Bio-Material, and Made from Earth.

RMS Beauty is a more high end brand, with prices ranging from 15 dollars to a little over 30 dollars. Not only are their products all natural, but also claim to nurture your skin and act slightly as skincare. You can find a product that is perfect for you by putting your skin type in the filers menu. (Find out your skin type by taking this quiz!)

ILIA Beauty is not only all natural, but comes in eco-friendly packaging, which is a win-win. While somewhat expensive, ILIA Beauty products are all made from locally grown, organic products and recycled packaging. If you have the extra money, it may be worth a shot. 

100% Pure is less of a beauty brand, and more of a skincare brand. Their products, just like ILIA Beauty’s, are all nature and come in eco-friendly packaging. They have cosmetics, skincare products, and hair supplies.

The benefits of using natural include being better for the skin and being more eco-friendly and cruelty free. While it may seem hard or expensive to transition to natural products, (I’m not going to lie- I haven’t fully transitioned either), it is entirely doable. Every little effort counts in the long run.

By Eva Stelman


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