Tea Time! – Your Guide to Tea

Trying to cut your obsessive sugary coffee habit? Maybe a Redbull addiction? Or both? Or you just really like tea and want to learn some more about it? Have no fear – lets break a few types of tea down with their benefits. Photos included are my favorite brands of each.



Green Tea 

– contains antioxidants that slow signs of aging, prevent the flu and raise your
– shown to prevent and slow cancer
– helps with arthritis and bad cholesterol






– a stimulant, without the jitters
– full of antioxidants
– could have anti-cancer properties helps stimulate the immune system
– protect against disease.





Black Tea

– helps eliminate bad breath.
– proven to help you de-stress fast
– medical research indicates that it lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes
– reduces high cholesterol




Pu’erh tea
– aid digestion
– cleanse the blood and help with weight loss
– busts cholesterol as effectively as some medications.




Oolong tea

– speed up your metabolism
– burn fat and block fat absorption
– can be used to fight high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease




White Tea

– more effective than even green tea at preventing cell damage
– can shrink cancerous tumours and stopping the growth of cancer cells.
– becoming the new cosmetic fix for aging skin





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