Unsolved Mysteries

In order to properly celebrate October, we need unsolved mysteries/crime stories in our feeds! Here are a few hand-picked by our very own Shelby

1. The Phantom Whistler

In February, 1950, Jaquelyn Cadow from Paradis, Louisiana began hearing wolf whistles just outside her bedroom window at night. Her home was also broken into soon afterwards, which was reported to the authorities, but no actions were taken. After a few weeks of hearing the whistles, she told of her engagement to State Trooper Herbert Belsom.

Jaquelyn was also receiving threats on the telephone, where the voice on the other end told her they would go to her house and stick a knife in her if she went ahead with her marriage. The moaning and whistles continued outside of her bedroom window each night. The State police and the sheriff’s office searched the yard, yet found nothing. Terrified of sleeping in her own bedroom, she stayed at relative’s houses where the whistler soon followed. Eventually, she stayed at Belsom’s house; the whistler called Jaquelyn’s mother with the message: “Tell Jackie I know she’s at Herbert’s house.”

On October 1, she had married Belsom, yet no problems arose and the whistler’s threats were never carried out. Was the whistler at the wedding? Who was the whistler? Why did the whistler choose Jaquelyn Cadow to harass? No one will ever know.

 2. The Black Flash of Provincetown

Provincetown, Massachusetts, just before Halloween: people started to see an eerie appearance of a mysterious Black Flash (a very tall and fast human-like creature who dressed in all black, with a black face, pointy ears, and silver eyes). He jumped at people, laughed in a creepy way, and walked with extreme speed and skill. Some people would report seeing him in one place, and then one minute later there would be reports of him across town.

Some people said he was a Peeping Tom, while others thought he was the devil with supernatural powers. Everyone in town was filled with so much fear, children even refused to go trick or treating that year.

After Chief Anthony Tarvers claimed he knew who the hoaxers were, but would not name them, there were no further appearances of the phantom: “The Black Flash is dead and buried.” Who was the Black Flash? No one has ever claimed responsibility or revealed they knew who he was…


3. The House of Blood

In 1987, seventy-seven-year old Minnie Winston found blood splattered on her bathroom floor. Her and her husband, William, further searched the house and revealed more spots of blood-like fluid on the bathroom’s lower walls, in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallways, basement, and even under the television set.

They had experienced no other situations like this in their rented house before and they were terrified. Minnie and William eventually called the police after being unable to come up with an explanation. Police investigations showed the liquid was Type O human blood- both Minnie and William had Type A.

Police were unable to determine the cause of this blood in the Winston house and completely dropped the investigation. The house is currently occupied and no other reports like this one were given. Was this house a complete hoax by the elderly couple, or evidence of paranormal activity? No one will ever know the truth.

 References/More information: http://newenglandfolklore.blogspot.com/2009/08/black-flash-of-provincetown.html?m=1



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