Hello October! Updates + Upcoming Print Issue News

Hello October, and hello readers!

      Today marks one year, 365 days since we launched ROSEBLOOD. We’ve changed, you’ve changed, the seasons changed. We’d like to introduce our new contributors; 

Deanna: writer, photographer, Director of Communicaions. Find her here: www.deannaoutten.com

Cara: photographer. Find her here: www.twitter.com/carasusanjones

Caro: writer, poet. Find her here: www.twitter.com/Car_0

Robin: videographer, writer. 

Here are some other new updates: we’re done with monthly themes! We will provide bi-daily inspiration on our twitter feed (www.twitter.com/rosebloodmag)! There are zero restrictions now. Send us anything you believe in. 

Also- we will now be printing seasonal print issues, which will be available at pop-up zine festivals throughout the year in the NYC/New Jersey area. We’ll tweet more updates when it comes closer to the festivals dates. Grab a print issue here!!

Our email is open, and we know you have work you want to display for the world. Send it! Now! We’re waiting for you! Our email is open 24/7. 


Aly and Gabi, your editors. 


tell us what you think!

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