The DACA – Take Action

I know a lot of you have been hearing about the DACA repeal recently, which most likely raises a lot of questions such as “What is DACA?” and “Why is it being repealed such a big deal?” And I am here to answer those questions!

DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) is a program created by President Barack Obama in 2012 that has allowed about 800,000 young people, who were brought here illegally as children, to remain in the country. It also allows those people to work legally for two-year renewable periods.

The Trump Administration is giving Congress six months to try to fix the issues he has with the program. New applications are NOT being accepted, but *if you already are a DACA recipient with a permit that expires before March 5, 2018, apply for a two-year renewal BEFORE OCTOBER 5TH!!!*

DACA has given so many children some hope and comfort that they can work and go to school without constant fear of deportation. Recipients also don’t fear that they will face excessive amounts of discrimination in the work force just because their legal status is different from their colleagues. It gives them a sense of safety to be able to leave their home and make money, buy groceries, get a driver’s license, and buy a home.

Ending DACA will not only be terrible for recipients and their families, but it can also very much hurt America’s economy. 200 billion dollars could be lost because removing protections from people who came here as children would cut a lot more money out of the economy than it would add, therefore worsening our country’s debt.

If you are DACA recipient, or someone you know is one, here are some things to know about this situation:
1. Your DACA is valid until it’s expiration date! Like mentioned before, if your DACA expires before March 5, 2018, apply for renewal BEFORE October 5, 2017.
2. The Department of Homeland Security is no longer granting DACA recipients the ability to travel abroad.
3. REMEMBER: No new applications are being accepted.

IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO HELP (hopefully everyone will, if you have the ability) HERE ARE SOME WAYS:
1. Text RESIST to 50409 to automatically be connected to your Senators (which is ESPECIALLY important if u live in a red state!)
2. allows you to find events near you to defend DACA.
3. Call your state offices and defend DACA.
4. Text DACACall to 877877 to receive updates on ways to defend DACA.


By Shelby


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