Soda Pop: Is it Worth it?

What if I told you there was an extremely easy way to prevent 52 pounds of added sugar from entering your body each year. Interested?

Today my friends, my mouth dropped wide open in class. My economics teacher planned a fairly easy day, popcorn reading an article. I thought I would drone through it and leave the room indifferent. I was wrong. We began reading an article titled “Can Sin Taxes Solve America’s Obesity Problem?” Which you can read here. About halfway through the article explaining why the taxing of highly artificially sugared produce has been proposed, it began to talk about how soda affects our health. Allow me to explain. “The average American consumes 150 calories from soda a day, but 40% of the population consumes 300 to 800” (Consumer Reports). These calories have no health benefits, and contribute to your daily calorie consumption. Although I strongly disagree with calorie counting, as I’ve seen it turn friends to developing eating disorders, the study shows that these calories coming directly from soda contribute to the “steady increase of roughly 300 calories a day over time causing weight gain and in many cases obesity” (Consumer Reports). Following the discussion of these studies was this illustration.CR-Money-Inline-Swapping-out-Sugary-Soda-v5-Web-0817.png

My teacher projected this image on to the board, and nearly the entire class went silent. We really do not think consciously about our health as teenagers, and when we are faced with facts it is often shocking. As the article began to rap up, my teacher presented the fact that by removing soda from your daily diet and swapping it for water, will prevent you from consuming nearly 52 pounds worth of artificial sugar a year. By the end of the class period not only was I inspired to make a small change to my diet, but excited to share this article with you. The article itself is a long read, but I recommend you do skim through it and educate yourself not only on the actions being taken to pass sin taxes, but why they are being created and what it can do for not only your health, but your community as well.

Added bonus: Here are some REAL benefits of water .



Until next time,

All my love,


Your Editor in Chief 

(PS Mr Kolasa if you see this i’m sorry for stealing a copy of the article from you)


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