Art is a Woman, a Woman is Art

For this photo series, I wanted to capture the essence of teenage girls and highlight natural features. These photos were taken on 35mm film and with no editing. I dabbed glitter, blush, lip gloss and mascara on my best friend and had her stand in front of a sheet in my bedroom.

In these photos I have a contrast of Kiley wearing a modest button up shirt and then no shirt at all. What I want to get across with these is that modesty can inspiring to some women as some may be inspired by nudity. Both are beautiful and can be viewed as art, and should be accepted without having any sort of label attached them. What a woman (or anyone at all) wears does not determine their sexual activity or worth. No matter what type of physical appearance we choose to project, we all have the same goal, to feel comfortable and happy with how we look. I believe that finding a sense of style can be a helpful step in finding who you are. If people were to take your style and projcet a negative stereotype on it, it may make girls feel insecure with their creativity in fashion and self expression. People’s appearances don’t hurt you, so don’t hurt them.

IMG_6854 copy1 copy16 copyIMG_6864 copy5 copy6 copy


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