Afraid. – a Poem

I am terrified.

Of what?

Of you.


Because you,

You hold the power.


Power to kill me,

hurt me,

destroy me.

You have the ability

to murder me

because you don’t

like what I stand for.

You have the ability

to touch me

in any way you please

Because He did it.

I am terrified of


your abilities,

the fact that anything could happen

and no one would bat an eye anymore.

You’re overreacting.

Tell that to the

thousands upon thousands

also terrified for their lives

and rights.

The hatred is

too much.

The violence

won’t stop.

They’ve got their hands up,

but you still shoot.

They’re born here,

but you still tell them

to go back to where they came from.

They are not

His words,

not the way

He described them.

They are not

the ones you have to fear.

They are not

the terrorists here.

But this is MY America

and if they don’t like it,

they can absolutely get out.

He’s here to make America great again.

“Make America great again?”

“Your” America?

The one that your ancestors committed


Mass genocide of Indigenous peoples?


Practiced slavery until the 1860s?


Grew from absolute hatred?


Hung and burned women at the stake?


Not being able to vote if you were a woman or minority?


Had a hate group created against one race?


Shamed and murdered LGBT+ people?

Please tell me

when exactly America was

Ever actually great?

But now,

we’re back to where

we started.

Home of the brave

and the free,

free just to murder me.

I am terrified;

because we live in a country;

where rape is seen as the victims fault

And dismissed.

where the freedom to own a gun

is far more important than basic human rights.

where people value another’s culture

instead of their lives.


where people are threatening to deport

our future’s families.

where people want to destroy what

America’s ancestors fought so hard for.

where we will dismiss any form of racism,

even if that form means a person ends up dead over their race.

where people don’t understand the

meaning of the word “no.”

where people are afraid to walk down the street

by themselves because anything could happen.

Where someone gets more time for

drug dealing than they do for raping someone.

Where the man who is to run our country

brought out the hate in everyone.


Where people have been brought into constant states of

fear for their lives over their future president.

Where someone cannot openly love another due to their gender

because it is a “sin.”

I am terrified

because we are living in a country

where history is slowly repeating itself

and the population is allowing it to happen.

There’s blood in the streets

And it belongs to the people;

Who were murdered for being themselves.

Who wanted to die rather than be who they are.

Who couldn’t find the point in living.

Who stood up for what they believed in.

Who were lynched for their skin color.

Who were shot down for protesting.

Who fought for our freedoms and rights.

Who were raped and murdered.

Who were just trying to keep their culture alive.

Who were not accepted in the time’s society.

You’re free to leave,

No one is going to stop you.

Face the reality,

You can’t change it.

What the fuck is the point of

the freedom of anything

when our freedoms are used against us?

What the fuck is the point of

continuing on when my fate

is decided for me the moment

someone can’t accept who I am?

What the fuck is the point of America

when it’s become what people were

trying to get away from when they came here?

Our voices matter.

The older generations say;

We’re too “politically correct.”

They say we’re “too offended.”

More like we know;

what we’re talking about.

how wrong this shit is.

We know how bad it has become.

We know because we’ve;

kept our eyes open,

our hearts open.

We’ve tried to move forward.

And every time we take a few steps forward as a country,

there is always something that stops us.

There are always hands

holding us back from becoming better.

Why are we so afraid of change?

Why can’t we move forward?

Why can’t we better ourselves?

Why do people keep bringing us back to the past?

I don’t understand what you mean.

We’re going towards how America always should’ve been.

I’m not racist or sexist.

He was just the better choice.

Just because you say you’re not,

Doesn’t mean you’re actually not.

Your actions and words

speak volumes.

So yes,

I am terrified,

We are terrified,

Us minorities and we have every right to be.

Your silence is a luxury,

ours is us surrendering.

We will not


Your God didn’t put us

on this earth

to get murdered.

What does “love thy neighbor” mean?

What does equality mean?

What does equity mean?

What do you stand for?

I am terrified

because this world is sick

and there are people getting away

with far too many things.

I am terrified

Because I could step outside today

and get shot for;

being myself,

being genderfluid,

being a teenager,

having different views,

being against something,

being different,

any little thing.

Please tell me how these men

will “make America great again”

without destroying us.

As I look around,

I see that so many have fears.

They’re scared for

their families, friends, and themselves.

We are not united,

we are divided.

This is not

the America we wanted f0r ourselves or our kids.

I will stand with my minority friends,

Family members,

Community members,

because this isn’t America.

This is White™ America

and it’s full of hatred.

It’s time for a change

and for white privilege to go away.

Your race,






and choices

do not dictate your worth or value.

You’re pathetic.

I bet you got all your information from those social media sites.

Don’t you know that not everything you see on there is true?

Why are you so delusional?

The reality of it all

Is that he is not our president quite yet,

But his impact is still there.

His supporters have already;

Shouted the “n” word at Black people,


Told Hispanics to get out of “their” country,


Caused fights among schools,


Left millions in fear for their lives,


Touched women inappropriately because He got away with it,


Beat a gay man until he bled,


Caused thousands to feel unsafe in their own homes.

Those who say we need

to stop protesting

can stop talking to us

because we won’t stop until our voices are heard.

By o.m.b


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