Love Spell


Purpose: To help those who feel the need of love and support around them, whether from a lover, family, or friends.

BACKGROUND: This is geared toward drawing love and affection toward you. This touch of magic encourages people around you to let you know you are held in affection. It also works by encouraging you to love yourself. This is stocked with ingredients that are traditionally associated with love and affection, like violet and roses. Violets draw forth amity. Rose water is an acceptable substitute for the rose absolute and is available from many herbalists and general stores. Similarly, violet water is often more easily available than violet essential oil.

HOW TO CAST THE SPELL: You will need

• two teaspoons of water

• six drops of geranium essential oil• one oil burner with a tea-light

• matches or a lighter

• one pink candle (6-8 inches)

• three drops of rose water and violet water• cheesecloth bag

• one small piece of absorbent cotton

• six pink rose petals

• six hyacinth flower heads

• one teaspoon of dried orris root

• one 30” length of fine black cord

TIMING: Perform this spell on a waxing moon to dra affection, and on a Friday, sacred to love deities.


1. Cast a circle

2. Place the water and geranium oil in the burner dish and light it

3. Light the candle saying : “Loving spirits, heed me / When the need is near me / Smother all affliction/ With heartfelt affection.”

4. Drop the rosewater and violet water onto the absorbent cotton and place it in the cheesecloth bag. Add it to the rose petals, the hyacinth, and the orris powder.

5. Holding the sachet between your pals, intone the following chant to charge it with power and energy.

“All will be well

All will be well

All is completed

Under love’s spell.”

Experienced magicians or witches will feel the energies peak, but if you are new to circle work, ensure that the chantis repeated AT LEAST 21 TIMES

6. Fasten the bag into a chord and make it into a pendant. Wear your love sachet about your person at all times.

By: Dierdre


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