Love: The Pathway of the Heart

Julius D. High is a 22 year old photographer who beautifully captures personal, honest, youthful love around the world to display different perceptions of love. Below you will find a visual journey he that takes us along, and a better understanding of the meaning of love.

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Bella Santucci, 18. “Wow umm, my interpretation of love.. I guess it’s a feeling of affection that can’t be expressed simply by words. I love the person I’m in a relationship with and I put him before myself without asking for anything in return. It’s commitment and compatibility. To be honest I don’t know, love is so hard to define because it doesn’t exist as one thing.” – London, UK


Shirley Ipaye, 26: “I think love is beauty, love is something you can’t live without. Love is someone you’d do anything for, literally anything, even if they get on your fucking nerves. You’ll like literally want to kill them, but then you won’t because the next day if you did, you would want to bring them back because you love them so much. You won’t have anything else to do, but think about them. I think love is necessary, it makes you complete.” – Atlanta, GA


Evan Samuels, 21. “I feel like love is when you find yourself and you’re completely confident in everything. You’re truly happy with yourself and with someone else, even your family and people around you. Nothing can stop that and nothing is able to break that barrier once you have true love. Love is something that is magical. I’ve never been in love but I feel like once you have, it’s something that you can’t even explain or define. It kind of leaves you speechless.” – Atlanta, GA


Iv Fischer, 18. “Love is when you can look at someone from across the room and y’all are talking with your eyes.” – Atlanta, GA


Tahira Asghar, 21. “This is weird. I don’t think you can define love, I think it’s just a feeling, It’s an unconditional affection. You know how some people get hurt by people they love, but they keep going back to that one person and someone has to tell you “You need to break off from that.” It’s the same with family like people will piss you off and blah blah blah. I think it’s a journey, if that makes sense.” – London, UK


Jordan (Jay) Calver-Moise, 19. “I think that love is being completely and utterly dependent on someone and them being the same towards you. Also, not thinking what they can do for you but what you can do for them and wanting to give the love you have to them. Not just focusing on what they have given to you in a relationship, it’s being one.” – London, UK


Jaycina Almond, 21. “Choosing the same person over and over again, even when the butterflies have worn off and it seems like you’ve run out of things to talk about ’cause you can predict what they are thinking at this point. Yep, it’s choosing the same person over and over no matter what.” – Atlanta, GA

IMG_5771  AlexLeBelle of St.Beauty – “My personal interpretation of love is being there for somebody unconditionally, through thick and thin. No matter how shitty they may be to you or however they are, being there for them at the end of the day, I feel like that’s what love is.” / Isis of St.Beauty – “My personal interpretation of love is… love is something that is passionate, it is accepting, it does not change when you truly love someone. It could also be the opposite, love has many faces. It can also be something that is not consistent, but love is what you want it to be. You can always think someone loves you for what they do to you or do for you. Love is something that makes me feel special and happy and keeps me at ease in life.” – Atlanta, GA


Cléchêne Teillon, 19 & Alicia Merhem, 20 for Love: The Pathway of the Heart. Cléchêne: “Pour moi, l’amour c’est beau, ça rapproche les gens et ça créer une force.” Alicia: “Pour moi, l’amour c’est la confiance, l’humour mais surtout le partage.” – Paris, France


You can find more work by Julius on his website here, or his Instagram here


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