July 2017 Horoscopes

The signs will be feeling more this month. The Sun is in Cancer with Mars tagging alongside until the transition on the 23rd. Wish for a lot this month.

• Aries

Focus on home. Until the 20th, your ruling planet Mars will be in Cancer. Declutter your closet, settle family disputes. Work on what you’ve been putting off these past couple of months. As Mars and the Sun enters in fire sign Leo, you’ll be itching to go out with your friends. Make the last bit of your summer filled with moments that you’ll tell your kids in the future.

Wear: bright red

Befriend: a Sagittarius

Fall in love with: a Leo

• Taurus

Confidence is key, especially this month. Cut off and make new friends. Get in control, just don’t become overly controlling. Venus being in Gemini will bring out your flirty nature. Keep from getting attached to one night stands. Look forward to change and productivity as the Sun transitions to 3rd House Leo.

Wear: an ugly brown

Befriend: an Aries

Fall in love with: a Virgo

• Gemini

Venus will be in your sign all month. The butterflies in your stomach are going to be fluttering a lot, don’t ask them to stop. Leo being with the Sun and Mars will energize you, go on an adventure with someone you love.
Wear: bright white

Befriend: a Scorpio

Fall in love with: the fire signs

• Cancer

You’re with the Sun and Mars. Be a leader. Your caring nature will be evident. Try and keep focus on your own feelings. Start new projects, get creative.
Wear: yellow

Befriend: a Gemini

Fall in love with: yourself

• Leo

Do a juice cleanse before the Sun and Mars enters in your sign. Don’t shove everything in the back of your closet when cleaning your room. Relationships could get firey this month. Try not to get a bigger head than you already got.
Wear: sky blue

Befriend: a Virgo

Fall in love with: a Scorpio

The Sun being in sensitive Cancer can bring out your helpful nature. With ruling Mercury being in Leo, your social life might feel tad bit hectic. Try not to get caught up in drama. As the sun enters your 12th house, organize your thoughts. Set goals, achieve all of them.
Wear: violet

Befriend: a Scorpio

Fall in love with: a Taurus

• Libra

Your ruling planet Venus in Gemini leaves you feeling at ease. Do some yoga and meditate. Go out with friends and experience a different culture. Experiment with relationships. 11th house Leo will keep you active.
Wear: deep turquoise

Befriend: a Cancer

Fall in love with: anyone

• Scorpio

Act carefree. Mars and the Sun will be in your 9th House of Philosophy, explore your beliefs. Let go of some relationships.
Wear: light grey

Befriend: a Sagittarius

Fall in love with: the night sky

• Sagittarius

Your 8th House Cancer could create some conflict in relationships. Remind people of who you are, not the other way around. Your opposite sign in Gemini rules Venus love sparking new and old interests. When Leo enters Sun and Mars that spark turns to a flame. Finish summer with a few more adventures.
Wear: stripes

Befriend: a Pisces

Fall in love with: a Gemini

• Capricorn

With the Sun being in your opposite sign, Cancer, the signs seem to be in their feelings. You, on the other hand, keep it cool. Venus in Gemini, (and with later Sun Leo) sharpen your dull chances of summer love. Reward yourself. Keep focused on whatever you’ve been working on, unlike everyone else.
Wear: beige

Befriend: a Capricorn

Fall in love with: a Scorpio

• Aquarius

Things can get pretty busy for you, but it’s nothing you’re not used to. As the Sun enters your opposite sign, escapade when you’re feeling restless. Look forward to meeting new people at the end of this month.
Wear: any shade of green

Befriend: everyone

Fall in love with: a Leo

• Pisces

This should be a good month for you. Your 5th house Cancer has you feeling yourself. Purchase fancy waters, make a to do list. Enjoy the rest of summer like a child. Take lots of picture.
Wear: every color

Befriend: a Capricorn

Fall in love with: a Pisces, yourself especially

By Anna Volvaka


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