Witchcraft 101: Spells

The type of spells I practice are all ones based off improving yourself, your well-being, and the lives of those you love!

Start off easy, with pretty simple spells from a book. The first books I ever used were some off Amazon!

I also use the tumblr witch community and online forum stuff to find simple spells I feel I can perform! My witchcraft blog on tumblr is cursedbabywitch if you want to follow it, I recommend making a side blog or separate tumblr to keep all your witch related stuff!

You’re going to want to start with small little spells! Find a cute book with mini spells (most will say daily spells and stuff like that) and build up your confidence. Also search around on tumblr and stuff!! That’s where I find a lot of my info/spells.


1. Collect all your materials you will need.

2. Find somewhere quiet and private to perform the spell.

3. Place a ring of salt or your crystals around yourself as protection. If you’re using salt and performing the spell indoors, you can use a towel to sit on so the salt doesn’t get everywhere.

4. Make sure your mind is clear, think only of the spell and your intentions in performing it

5. If you are performing a spell for someone else, make sure a window is open near you or you are outdoors

6. Read your directions carefully and follow the steps.

You’re going to feel silly chanting to yourself in your room with a candle and crystals and salt but you get used to it!

It’s so easy don’t beat yourself up! ALSO it takes time for spells to work (if it even works the first time) and you wont notice results at first, dont lose hope. The effects wont be immediate. You’ll think back a week, month, three months later and be like oh yeah that spell actually helped me (or whoever you performed it to help)!

Some of the basic supplies a lot of spells call for are:

– colored candles, every color of the rainbow plus white and black! they are helpful in spells calling for certain colors and you can find packs on amazon for cheap (search up “chakra candles” and that will cover most of the rainbow)

Crystals! Some basics you’ll need are these: 

Clear quartz

Red jasper



!! Rose quartz

!! Amethyst


Crystals take time (and money) to collect, I got a really cool set on mini viles of 12 different types at a local shop so i’m not sure where you can grab them!

Some herbs/spices you’ll find very helpful:

– pink Himalayan salt

– lavender


– sage

Also, MOON WATER! It’s easy to make – all you do is put a jug, bowl, thermos, whatever you have – open and full of water in the full moon overnight and then bottle it up!



tell us what you think!

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