Witchcraft 101: Pendulums 

A beginner’s guide to starting off easy with witchcraft.

The easiest witchcraft “tool” to start off with that helps you gain confidence in yourself and in ~the universe~ is called a pendulum! It’s a chain with a stone or weight of some sort hanging at the end. It simply taps into your subconscious (soul, spirit, whatever you want to call it) to give you simple answers and help you make decisions.

When Choosing your pendulum in a shop or testing out one you have made, try these basic steps.


1. Hold the chain in your dominant hand

2. Place your non dominant hand palm up under the pendulum

3. Test out your compatibility with the pendulum say “pendulum show me _____“:

– “Yes” the pendulum will swing back and forth vertically.

– “No” the pendulum will swing side to side vertically.

– “Clockwise” the pendulum will circle clockwise.

– “Counter-clockwise” the pendulum will circle counter clockwise.


1. Hold the chain in your dominant hand

2. Place your non dominant hand palm up under the pendulum

3. Say “Pendulum, ________” followed by your question


– If it swings back and forth vertically, it means YES.

– if it swings side to side horizontally it means NO.

– if it circles clockwise it means IN FAVOR.

– if it circles counter-clockwise it means UNCERTAIN, NOT IN FAVOR.

– if it doesn’t move, rephrase the question.


1. Hold the chain in your dominant hand

2. Assign objects placed in front of you your options of choices

3. Ask the question about what you are choosing

4. The pendulum will start swinging towards the choice it favors, give it time to pick up speed
When you’re picking your pendulum out, TAKE YOUR TIME! See which one reacts strongest to your questioning and commands! Don’t base it off the aesthetic of the crystal or design.
It’s sometimes hard to find shops that sell these types of items because the skepticism and controversy surrounding witchcraft! For example, my local shop I get some of my supplies from is also a bead store. Do some research and digging into your town or city!
Also, don’t feel like you need more than one! They are pricey in my experience they range from $12-$25.

You can also make your own! All you need is a necklace chain and a weight. It can be any type of weight that has a significant meaning to you like a special necklace, charm, crystal, etc.


By starting off with a pendulum, you gain confidence in yourself and increase your own internal power! If you have any questions feel free to dm the ROSEBLOOD twitter account or contact me personally.  Overall, have fun and experiment!

Until next time!

Love, your Editor in Chief,




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