The Paris Agreement

I’m sure you’ve seen the Paris Agreement all over the news over the past month, but what exactly is it? An old war treaty? Some agreement over croissants? Just random political jargon?

In reality, the Paris Agreement is much more than that.  Formally known as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Paris Accord, it is the first international agreement for countries to actually do something to fight climate change.  The 195 countries who signed it agreed to stop the average global temperature from rising above 2 degrees Celsius.  Only two countries throughout the world did not sign the accords: Nicaragua and Syria.


You know who may be joining these two countries?


If you guessed the United States then you are 100% correct.  President Donald Trump announced recently that he is considering pulling the USA out of the Paris Agreement. This is devastating on many fronts.


Primarily, it shows that Trump cares more about the money lining his pocket and the designer wallets of the Koch Brothers and ExxonMobil than that of the state of the planet.  It shows that science and facts are worthless in the eyes of the current administration.  It shows that Trump not only doesn’t care about the average American, but the average global citizen as well.  It shows that the environment simply does not matter.


Furthermore, the United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement, threatens the state of the Agreement as a whole.  If America, one of the countries that contributed to turning the environment into the horrible state it is now, pulls out other countries will as well.  Countries that are just now industrializing, like Brazil and India, will argue that they should not be punished by climate regulations imposed by, and not being followed by, the country that ruined the environment to begin with.


To continue, if the United States continues on the path it is on- the path of deforestation, mass release of fossil fuels, and overall destruction- the country risks becoming a second world country, rather than a global leader.  If everything I just said didn’t strike you, then this certainly should.  


The Paris Agreement is more than some words on a piece of paper.  It’s the difference between caring for the conservation of the planet, or the destruction of the world we live in.

By Eva


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