Sunkissed Lullabies

I fell in love with him.

It was a lot like rock candy.

Mostly because it came during the summer,

mostly because I melted into something else,

mostly because it stuck to my car seats–

We drove to the beach after you got home.

We yelled at each other after sunrise.

Softness always gives way to a high UV index.

I told you:

I am carrying too much.

You told me:

I didn’t ask to be carried.

I pushed my face back into place

for breakfast. We were the youngest ones

at the diner. We ate too much.

I drove home.

You put your head in my lap,

beneath the steering wheel.

It is always sweet to be someone’s sustenance.

It will give you cavities in the end.

You will bite too hard one day,

and your teeth will fall out,

and everyone will know how weak you have been

this whole time.

if our love was punctuation 

if our love was punctuation

it would be dashes

an interruption stretching a summer

into an eon

you squeezing my hand before the red light,

you stopping the world

to kiss me

the way I tell stories,

tangled and backward and all at once,

the ending and start in the middle

the thing I could have left unsaid,

the thing I did not plan to invite

into my chest

a blip, a mess-up,

static on the radio

when you drive under trees

the night I held a pearl in my mouth

     – I love you –

and the rest did not matter.

By Rachel Abrams 


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