How To Be Eco Friendly Without Breaking The Bank

Mother Earth has cared for us for our entire existence and in return, we have become monsters lurking in the shadows feeding off her life source and snatching away any beauty that’s left inside of her. Debates about climate change and global warming have become a reality, with unusual rising temperatures in places such as Antarctica where the land is turning green and the numbers of animals going extinct around the world are rising every day. She’s been calling out for help and it’s time for us to take action. You don’t have to spend money to make a change. The change starts within you and truly happens when you’re ready to commit and give back. Here are 6 tips to help you get started on your ecofriendly journey without spending a whole lot.


               Before we applied this into our lifestyle, we have to make sure we’re aware of what these three words mean. In a short summary, the three R’s are crucial to get started on your journey.  Reducing is limiting the amount of items you purchase on a daily basis and only keeping the essentials. Reusing is using items as many times as possible before buying them again. For example, instead of buying the new iPhone keep using your old phone until it reaches the point of non-functioning. Don’t fall into hype of things, or you’ll fall into debt. Lastly, Recycling is a habit that hopefully everyone should already be doing. It’s making sure your thrown away items are being put to use by companies that turns your trash into something useable and functional. These three things include effort and it’s something you can that will save you money.


      On my street it’s hard to see a house without a green bin on their front porch, and hopefully that’s the same for you. For people who aren’t aware, composting and using green bins are a way of turning waste into something resourceful and it helps reduce the amount of waste that’s shipped to landfills. There are many ways of getting your hands on a green bin (depending on where you live) but once you get started, it becomes a natural thing on garbage day. It might be a little overwhelming at first and even disgusting, but there are tips online to help you get started and you’re helping the environment every time you participate.


        Allow yourself to explore what nature has given to us. The only thing the Earth is lacking is appreciation and everyone wants validation from others. One of the cheapest ways we can help the world is letting ourselves wander and marvel what was made for us to see. It doesn’t have to be complicated either. It all starts when you put your shoes on and walk out of that door, then the rest is up to you. Breathe in the air and go on an adventure that doesn’t require staying indoors. Appreciate the daytime and the night. Spend time with family and friends, spread your love onto them. Don’t be put into a box, allow yourself to roam free.


       Spending is part of the daily consumer’s life and as teenagers, we fall deeply into that category. What you buy is your choice but being aware of what you’re actually wearing and where it comes from is something we need to have knowledge of. If you want to be eco-friendly or at least be cautious, make sure you do your research on the companies you buy from. It’s extra work but it’s worth knowing that you’re not supporting something you don’t believe in. Following after is supporting businesses that do promote eco friendliness. All it takes is one google search and finding stores that fit your price range. It’s worth knowing that you’re contributing into something good for the earth and yourself.


     Everyone has their own take of what healthy eating looks like and requires. However we can all agree that healthy eating does impact the environment in a good way. There are so many paths you could down within this topic, it all depends on yourself and what’s good for you in the time being. Some are better than others but its all part of your journey with discovering what works for you. Some ways include eating less meat or not eating meat, buying organic foods and locally grown, not purchasing plastic water bottles, cutting back on dairy, and etc. All of these help the environment in some way and even yourself.


       To give back to Mother Earth, we have to become something she always wanted us to be. Loving humans that appreciate each other and spread positivity onto others. Being kind is a choice but it’s a helpful one at that. We know that the Earth is dying, generations after us won’t get to see the sights that we saw when we were younger, animals that were from years ago aren’t around anymore, and it’s scary to realize that. It’s mind blowing that we are living in the now of it all and we feel useless and powerless. But that’s not true. It started with her but will end with us. We have to practice being kind towards others and the earth. We have to talk about the issues and make active solutions. We have to reach out when we’re all in struggle and be there for one another. It’s the least we can do to protect our own even though we failed to protect her. All she wants is to know that there’s people out there willing to make a change, and that person can and will be you. If you’re willing to try.

By Jennifer Kasiama


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