Summer Heartbreak 

i imagine myself dancing beneath the brilliant summer sunsets, the sky painted like a canvas with shades of coruscate tiger, tangerine, fuchsia, and violet.

the sweat drips from my brow like thick, acrid honey, blurring my vision. the leaves of my soul bloom, but droop like a weeping willow.
this was the time our love bloomed like a marigold, beaming and bright, but it quickly withered away, like a morning glory, opening up in the bright morning and shutting down in the cold, dark, endless night.
my eyes weeped crimson, and she told me it was beautiful. i covered my wounds with homemade bandaids, but she tore them off. she said she likes me vulnerable, i’m easier to reach.
i liked sitting with the sunflowers, they listened to me. the wind whistles sweet melodies through their blazing petals. i was reminded of when i’m a child, when i was ignorant and everything was blissful.
the sun taunted me as she called to me. i turned my back on it, and walked inside, escaping the scrutinizing heat of its rays.
i yearned for solace, but looked for it in all the wrong places. i couldn’t talk to her, she would tell me i was being ridiculous. every hour, i counted the bruises on my legs to make sure they were still there. when one began to fade, i brought my fist down on it again and again, until i was sure it would stay. i needed something i could control.
she dropped me, before summer was over. i’ll never forget the hot, restless nights i spent crying over her and the way her touch made me feel like i was on fire, and how her gaze made me feel like i was worth something.
i’ll never forget her, my dear, summer heartbreak.

by Sienna 


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