Summer Greetings

365 days of the year and unfortunately us teenagers spend most of that time in school.

School is different for everyone, our experiences vary from pleasant to downright terrible. It depends on our environment and who we surround ourselves with. However we can all relate to the feeling of the month June. June is the month where we all mutually feel stressed with exams and for some of us with graduations and proms. But when it’s all over, we take a huge gulp into that summer air and finally for months of holding it in, breathe. It’s done, we have taken a pause on our irritating lives that were previously full of all-nighters and rushing to get good grades until we just don’t care anymore. Summer welcomes us with open arms and with that, we are truly revealed. Personally, the school year is a trial run for me. It’s testing me with drama, arguments with friends, procrastination, and pure anxiety of school in general. Summer is where all our skills and experiences are put to test. What we do with our time is who we really are. All we have is freedom, pure freedom and we can do whatever we want with that time. Some people take the time to sleep the day away, or spend time with friends at the beach or even curl up with a good book. That time reflects on us. School crafts us into these robots that have to produce the best and the very best to succeed in life. Summer is that call for help that call saying ‘give me time to breathe, give me time to relax, give me time to be myself.’ Without the stress, without the drama, without the fake people you’re forced to surround yourself with. It’s a time for yourself, and only yourself. Take this time to be who you really are, express yourself. For some you’ll never go back, but for others it’s only a temporary haven. Don’t think about that now, think about the sunshine and the late nights. The sweet laughter of your friends and the summer kisses. All that good things that come with months of nothingness and no obligations. Don’t forget to truly have a good summer.

By Jennifer Kasiama


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