Sign of the Times

Have you ever felt like the end of an era is coming near?  

Like your life is blossoming into something that will be part of a lesser world. The whole point of leaving high school is to embrace the person you are in its most outstanding form. I’ve never been outside of these walls but it’s seems to me like lots of things are lost. Family is left behind, friends are parting, and tears are shedding. When it’s my time to walk down the isle of burgundy and gold with my white cap and gown, it is an end. It is an end to everything I was familiar to in my past 18 years of living. I was handed all the things necessary to succeed and the last four I was given the tools, and once the ceremony is over I will have to make the tools with my bare hands. I hope they do not wear or blister in the process.

The end of an era is coming near and I do fear. When I get the diploma in my hands I feel like I would want to give it back. I don’t want to leave, I love my life the way it is and it was hard already to come to the conclusion of that. New beginnings await… but what an end we will have made.

by Carolina Arango


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