Messy Journal Entry, From a Messy Artist

10:08 p.m.


its 10:08 p.m. and i’m feeling a bit melancholy, not really sure why or how, i just am. It’s cool that i have a sense of self to where i can recognize how im feeling and where i feel it. I feel this in my chest, down my spine and on the top of my eyelids.


what am i sad about?



its 10:14

I have heaps of algebra


I’m wearing boxers listening to micheal cera

I’m feeling so inspired by art right now i don’t really know what to do with myself. I want to create. My creative thoughts are flowing too fast. I want to find my own style of art. Am i rushing myself? Is this why i am feeling melancholy?



its 10:19



looking through artist’s pictures inspires me yet depletes me. People are developing art in their own personalized way and it’s so insane. people take nothing and turn it into something beautiful just by augmenting small ideas in their brain. It’s really fucking crazy to me.

where are my ideas?

when will i get out of this rut?




I saw a girl walking with white overalls and a red beret. She was carrying art in her hand which i am figuring was hers. Her arms were overflowing with creativity. i’m envious. I want my arms crammed full of my own art.



I wish to sit with an artist and ask what inspires them

Maybe ill do that soon


Things that inspire me:






Freckles and rosy cheeks


tall grass






I wish i didn’t let what other people think of my art change the way that i think of my art.

“Is that a boy wearing a dress? I don’t know if i like that.”

“What are they wearing? It’s an interesting choice.”


opinions makes me insecure


But that’s what art is. Its opinions and different points of view


that’s what i get for being a taurus i guess


Why do i feed off VALIDATION


My own validation is all i should need




Good night, i apologize for this mess

By Lindsey 


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