Blue skies and yellow turtlenecks. Bees buzzing and blondie playing out of an iPhone speaker. Picnic blankets with photo props lying around…

It was hot and sticky, like it was summer. I feel inspired by the color yellow. The color transfers a happy spirit and makes me want to create photos and put together a production that is very bright and gives off a lighthearted feeling. My model was wearing bright blue eye makeup and different turtlenecks throughout the shoot, which reminds me of the 70s.  It was beautiful, my friends laughter and presence, the freedom of fashion and self expression, and being reminded that photography was an art form that I could really express myself in.1CB8B30F-5718-42E1-AC0E-EA160F18BD24IMG_2479IMG_24804F5F234D-4B93-4D9B-996B-8EC2E8BC4B4B060D3944-0C0B-4FFB-B626-B209220A641C3A15931B-6241-4BC2-9C77-7C3992B70D02IMG_2485IMG_2484E240458B-893B-461B-A60F-7D198AA97955719AF8BA-A4E6-47C8-BE34-6BBB852B1DB7

By Lindsey 


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