Things to Remember as a Girl Coming of Age

some helpful things to know

1.    Order something different from the menu this time.
2.  The temptation to be petty is strong, I know. Try to be better, not bitter.
3.  At the end of each day, write down something you did well. When you look back at your collection, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how actually good as a person you are.
4.  Be as understanding as you possibly can be. We all do the best we can.
5.  You’re allowed to take a break from daily life. Rest your legs up against the wall and daydream. Go to a body of water and watch the clouds in its reflection. Strip naked and examine your body with fresh eyes. Take notice.
6.  Have an ambition that isn’t a person. The right person will help you achieve your ambition.
7.  You have to stop beating yourself up just because you haven’t done what everyone else has.
8.  Haircuts aren’t forever. Take the risk.
9.  You don’t owe anybody an explanation if you want to give in to stereotypes sometimes, or all the time.
10.  Drink peach schnapps. Trust me.

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