Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

The snow has melted. The weather is warming. I stand on my two feet, strong and ready to run for the hills for whatever calls my name. I am ready to grow, in essence.

I stand at five feet, four inches with little hope of growing any taller, but the sun only wishes for me to keep reaching towards it. Nearly one hundred million miles away, and all that this gas ball wants of me is to continue growing. It’s rather selfless, but a girl can only stretch so far before she springs back to earth.

On either side of me stands two redwood giants, climbing towards wondrous heights, and whose plentiful branches entangle into a canopy over me. Sparingly, I’m blanketed in shade, the sun barely calling down to me anymore. How beautiful in bloom these knights of nature are, yet they bury me from becoming into my own bloom. Roots wrap around my ankles as weeds grow at my feet, incorporating my being into each of their own matters of life. The life all around me continues to move on and through, with the sun as encouragement. While I remain as I began, my presence rarely ever seen to the enlightener.

The canopy above my head expands far and wide but I reach out just as far; sunbeams just within the gaps of my fingertips. By heavenly chance, the sun kisses my cheeks and sings to me, “Child of light, warm the ground beneath your feet, and plant your own roots.”

The wind speaks to me the same intellect as the sun. But it’s all words and no action to help me out of the thorny foliage. Do they imagine me with the strength of tidal waves? All night comes first from fear, then unconditional love. I need the world to believe in me, just as much as I believe in myself. I can only be told that I am strong for so long; I need to feel strong, too.

Vines stretch up the length of my spine pulling me closer to the soil, a cold place under the thick treetops. All my bones feel the chill of the wind, calling me out of a subconscious slumber. Had it really been so long in this place that I had become just another weed in the grass? Entangled with the wines and defensive thorns, forced to lay along a bed where I do not belong.

The ground that holds all our roots rumbles and a thunderous roar echoes down the valley. Stones crumble off mountain faces and the trees shake their leaves bare. Rosy throbs release me of their confines as the vines rattle down my back, holding onto my shoulder before it’s too late. But this earthquake is on my side, rushing into me just the kind of power I need to evade this fortress; invincibility.

I shake off the settled dust from off my shoulders and take the first of many steps to come in this new life of mine. Free from any boundaries and full of all the light I can bask in. All around me:  the birds sing, the leaves dance, the flowers bloom vivid sceneries. Now, I sing my own song,

Light in my eye / Fire on my tongue / One warm touch / A great soul to become.

By Aminta Somsouphanh


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