What I’ve Learned In My Years Of Life On This Earth

 I could write a whole series of books on things I have learned, but I have decided to narrow it down to fourteen little lessons.

I have so many new adventures, problems, people, and memories ahead of me but this is what I have learned so far.

#1: Be Nice To People

I truly do believe that you get back the energy that you give off. Radiating a little bit positive energy each day could possibly make somebody’s day, month, or year! Simply stopping and telling a stranger that you really love their haircut or direct messaging that super pretty girl you’ve followed on twitter for the longest could make all the difference.

#2: Spending Time With Yourself Is Important

We live in a society where overworking yourself and constantly being outside your home is glorified. Don’t get me wrong having a good time is a good time, but you are not weird for just wanting to hangout in your bed with your dog on a friday night. Some people may label you as a “party pooper” but just remember that at the end of the day all you have is yourself. So get some of that well deserved rest!

#3: You Are Not Your Parents

Sure, you may look a bit like them but you are a very different individual. I love my parents dearly but we tend to disagree on certain issues, this doesn’t mean I love them any less or they love me any less it just means we have different views. It is very common to feel as if you need to be the picture perfect son or daughter but that is so incredibly unrealistic. Having your own views and beliefs is perfectly normal whether they accept it or not.

#4: Dude, Chill.

Much easier said than done, I know. Life has a funny way of working itself out. I’ve come to believe that everything works out in the end, and if it is not working out it is not the end. Whether you have a big presentation due or one of you best friends is mad at you give it time. Things will change for the better.

#5: Create

If it’s 2am and you have the sudden urge to write, write. If it’s midnight and you feel like sketching out an idea for a project that’s been in the back of your mind, draw. If you just came across beautiful artwork on tumblr that you think would translate really well onto the face, create that look. Creativity is a very unique and special trait for a person to have, take advantage of that beautiful mind!

#6: Not Everyone Is Going To Like You

And that is perfectly okay! One of my favorite quotes by Dita Von Teese is “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

Not everyone is going to be your biggest fan. Focus on the people that want the very best for you!

#7: Wear What You Want

No matter whats on trend wear what you want. Sometimes, before you buy something take a good look at it and think would I wear this if it wasn’t on trend? If the answer is no go find something that suits you. Our fashion choices grow as we do so explore your inner sense of style. Also, fuck dress code. That is all.

#8: Change Your Hair Up Once

I know this is awfully random. But a year ago I had this gut instinct to chop my hair off and I’m glad I did. As silly as it may sound, I definitely used my hair as a shield from the world. Cutting it felt so badass and freeing. I feel it is a feeling every woman or man should experience atleast once in their lives. After all it is just hair!

#9: Go With Your Gut

This may be the most important one on the list. If you ever feel unsafe, pressured, or if you just simply sense a bad situation call a close friend or parent. Never put yourself in a situation you do not want to be in. If you meet someone and they automatically give off bad vibes, they might not be the best pal. Trust your instincts, they’re always right.

#10: Make Friends

Again, easier said than done. However, we do live the the age of social media. So if you see somebody on twitter that shares similar interests shoot them a message. If your a rather social person if you see somebody in your classes that you feel you would get along with maybe ask them to go get coffee after school. Nine times out of ten you gain a new friendly face!
#11: Stand Up For What You Believe In

Now more than ever, this world is filled with conflict. Spreading love and speaking out is important. Whether you attend you local protest or help fund a cause you believe in you voice is heard. If you cannot get out of the house, using hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter spread word of the movement and your voice is still heard. Try to get out make a change in your community.

#12: Good Music Is Key

Sometimes, we all just need to escape the world around us. Developing your own taste in music regardless of what’s trendy is a magical thing! Seeing music you love live and meeting artists are beautiful experiences, so take advantage of them!

#13: Crying And Showing Emotion Does Not Make You Weak

It makes you a human being. Of course, it is unhealthy to constantly be sad. However, knowing your sad and expressing that sadness is not a bad thing. Even the most positive people have troubles and dark thoughts at times. Being in touch with your inner emotions is very important to your development as a person.

#14: Body Positivity Is A Journey

Learning to love and appreciate yourself is a process. Every day stand in front of the mirror and pick one new thing you love about yourself. Whether it is something as simple as your nose, or the size of your stomach progress is progress. Wearing clothes you like and going out of your way to make yourself confident and comfortable is important. Anyone who tries to rain on your positivity parade can fuck off!

By Abby


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