In My Mind

Miro LaFlaga is a freelance visual art director who recently shared his project “In MY Mind” with us that was greatly influenced by elements of his childhood. Check it out!

Every piece is accompagne with a conceptual photo and a 10 second video. Miro worked with a painter by the name of Cry Baby Art. His social media will be linked at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!



 I wanted to feel like a kid again. Seeing this painting, made me recall when I used to go to the grocery store. I would buy a box of ice cones and devour them.



Who does not remember Nintendo? Duck Hunt? Mario Bros? I was fortunate enough to have a dope mother who got me one for my birthday. I would spend countless hours glued to my TV set.



 Lil Wayne was big impact during my teenage years. The following was taken from his infamous rhyme: “Keep a bandana like the Ninja Turtles I’m like a turtle when I sip the purple.”



Who said you cannot fall in love with a blow up doll?



Scarface was a movie that traumatized me when I was younger. Yet, I watched it from the beginning to the end. One of my favorite scenes is seeing Tony Montana coked up on that luxurious table.

You can find Miro here:


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