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The Effects of Animal Agriculture 

By this point in time, I’m sure we’ve all heard of climate change. The Earth’s temperature is rising, the ice caps are melting, and the sea levels are increasing.

Things to Remember as a Girl Coming of Age

some helpful things to know

Together in Red

Paige’s Spring Posters

Need a little inspiration, a spring pick-me-up? Paige has you covered.

Daydreams: A Poem by Harry

When I first looked at you, I did not think I would love you.

Sunspots: Photo Diary

Mallory in my clothes wrapped in an airy sheet Vanity. Daydreaming  Cry baby! Sunspots By Gabi Barrera I updated my website! Check it out here!

A Transitional Crisis

Lately, I’ve been going through an existential crisis of sorts.