Taylor’s Take on 90’s Fashion

Everyone has their own take and their own two cents for when it comes to the clothes that they themselves, and others, wear.

Some people give some weird looks at what others are wearing but I think it’s great to see someone breaking barriers! Sometimes it could limit you if you’re afraid of what others think but once you get past that initial worry you find that you enjoy the way you look a lot more! 

Like everyone else I can get insecure about my looks. Usually on weekdays when I’m just going to school I’ll just wear leggings and a t-shirt because I’m too sleepy in the morning to find something cute. However, on the weekends I usually dress a lot cuter, even if I’m just going to the grocery store! I even like to wear a ton of makeup because makeup is always fun and definitely fits in with your personal style! I use mine to help whatever look I’m going for.

It’s quite hard to define my style because some days you can find me wearing a skirt with my hair all curly and then other days I’m wearing all black. Almost every outfit I wear I wear my checkered vans I love them so much I’ve worn them out! Although sometimes I do wear girly stuff I do feel like I lean more towards dark clothes, I find that I’m a lot more comfortable in them.

I love the 90s style because it was really versatile, you could find really colorful, bold looks, but you could also find more neutral colors! It seems like people weren’t as judgmental about the things you wore just because everyone seemed to be doing their own thing with it! Some girls had side pony tails and no one really questioned if that looked a little odd, they just thought it was fun so they did it! 

IMG_3119.JPG IMG_3118.JPG


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