Tarot Cards: Beginning

Reading tarot cards is a pretty simple practice, that is, if you’ve got the open mind and patience to sit down and decipher what each card that has been pulled means, and how it relates to the situation (or person) you’re reading for.

This form of divination is safe and easy to go through with, because tarot cards are very individual and personalized, and are open to interpretation. Drawing a “death” card doesn’t mean your life is coming to an end, and drawing “the hermit” card doesn’t signify you staying inside your house for the next few weeks.

 Anyone who is interested (and serious about) reading tarot cards must find a deck that suits them as a person. Like I said, the cards are personalized and particular to their readers, and using a deck that doesn’t feel “right” to you may result in frustration and incorrect readings. There are some pretty hardcore divination stores that you can find tarot cards from online, but you can really just buy a deck off of Amazon and find that they work perfectly for you. Personally, I use the “Wild and Unknown” tarot deck, and it’s great for me as a reader.

 Most decks come with a guidebook that has instructions on how to read the cards, as well as different spreads (ways to arrange the cards so you can read different things) and the meanings of every card in the deck. Tarot cards are organized into two groups: The Major Arcana (The twenty-two card group of archetypes which represent a complete journey of the self), and The Minor Arcana. (The rest of the cards organized into four suits, with fourteen cards in each suit. The suits are wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. It’s like a regular set of cards, except a little more witchy.)

 You can take your time getting to know the deck and the guidebook by looking through all the meanings of the cards, and doing a few readings using spreads that you feel particular to. I strongly encourage this – reading tarot cards may be simple, but there is a certain familiarity you must have with your deck to understand yourself through the cards. Take a little time each day to learn what your cards symbolize, and soon enough, you’ll be ready to read the hearts and souls of all of your family and friends!

By Courtney


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