These are photos I’ve taken throughout the past two years that have represented home for me. 

FullSizeRender 16.jpeg

Pierce at a rest stop when we drove to Sedona. 


Tara sitting on the curb of my neighborhood. 


Nick choosing a Beyonce song to dance to in the school parking lot by her house. We rode our razor scooters there. 


Pierce in the car when we were going home from my grandparents. 

IMG_8080 2.JPG

Little self portrait in the Duquesne. 

IMG_8082 2.JPG

Photo from the dock late at night with Ella. 


My little brother wearing a shirt with my favorite place printed on it. 


When I taught Nick how to ride the bike with no hands in early August. 

E482553E-CE1D-4108-ADE6-B2ABF00412EA 2.jpg

My grandfather and my little cousin Simon playing around on a Sunday morning in the kitchen. 

IMG_8081 2.JPG

Ella screaming something at me with blood still on her face from her previous nose bleed. 

A photo series by Frances.


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