Meet the Team: Harry and Frances

Hey Guys! We wanted to ask you some questions.

Starting off with this month’s theme,

How do you express yourself?

Harry: I find that I best express myself through writing music, writing poems, and film photography!

Frances: Mainly really through photography. 

How do you define yourself?

Harry: Sensitive but defensive when I have to be. Over stressed enough to make others stressed. Attentive to my surroundings.

Frances: To put it simply, I am a 15 year old who is a freshman in highschool. I am very openminded and I would say I am liberal. I have a very creative mind that is always thinking of new ways to express myself. 


What medium of art do you create?

Harry: Music, poetry, and photography.

Frances: Photography. 

What is your artist statement of sorts? What are you telling the world?

Harry: I’m not sure yet. I suppose that when I feel inspired and have an idea of sorts I try to make some kind of art out of it. I do not have a set artistic statement at this point in my life.

Frances: Through all I make I am trying to express how I as a 15 year old girl sees the world. I am a big feminist so you can see evidence of that in most of my work. 

How does this medium help you capture those feelings? Which methods do you use?

Harry: Through my photography I try to mostly photograph people and try to make beauty out of simplicity. While creating music and poetry, I constantly incorporate the concept of love. I feel that I should share my experiences with love with the world.

Frances: Photography allows me to capture my perspective on things, without having to say anything. I have been messing around with using the method of shocking people. Showing them something that isn’t usually shown to the public. 

Where can we find more of your work?

Harry: I have not posted much anywhere. I think that I’ll start posting on Soundcloud soon and more to come on Roseblood.

Frances: I show most of my work through instagram, (@francesweger) 


What does music mean to you?

Harry: I do not know how to describe how empowering music makes me feel. Creating music and listening to music both make me feel unstoppable in the sense that no one can bother my well being.

Frances: Music is everything to me. I turn to it when i’m in every mood. Sad? Music. Happy? Music. Tired? Music. It’s just the best method for everything. when I am having difficulty finding inspiration music always helps me think of ideas. 

Describe what it feels like blasting music with the windows down and singing your heart out.

Harry: I don’t have my permit or license yet. But I hope to find out soon enough. Although when I’m with my dad we do blast a bunch of music and sing to it on the freeway, just probably not in the sense of singing our hearts out.

Frances: It is almost impossible to describe. It’s just a moment of freedom for me. 

You have 24 hours to live and can see one performer, dead or alive, perform. Who is it?

Harry: Halsey. No questions asked. I look up to her for inspiration through all my art.

Frances: I would have to say The 1975 for sure. Every song just means so much to me and never fails to inspire me. 

If you were to have a teen drama movie made about your life, what album would be the soundtrack?

Harry: Ghost by Sky Ferreira

Frances: A Year Of Hibernation by youth lagoon definitely, the mood of the album reminds me of the soundtrack used in Palo Alto. 


Do you watch more movies or tv shows?

Harry: I do, but I’ve been behind on my tv shows recently.

Frances: I honestly think I watch more tv shows. Friends will always be my favorite.

Choose your top 3 movies!

 Harry: Stuck in Love, The Maze Runner, and I don’t know I don’t watch many movies!

Frances: I don’t watch enough of films, but palo alto & perks of being a wallflower are my two favorites. I love them both because they capture highschool so well. 

If you could steal the style from any character in a movie who would it be? 

Harry: Fuck a movie all my childhood I wished I could be Ben 10. The original Ben 10. I used to have an Omnitrix that I got from Toys R Us and I would pretend that I would become the aliens on the watch. 


Frances: This is not a film, but I love all of the outfits the character Monica wears in friends. 

IMG_8124.JPG IMG_8128.PNG IMG_8126.jpeg

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