Trust Me, Trust You

Trust me like it’s no big deal.

Trust me like there’s no tomorrow

Trust me like I’m not a stranger

Trust me with everything you have

Trust me after everything you’ve been through

Trust me after all the strength you’ve gained over the years

Trust me like a naïve little girl

Trust me like I know what’s best for you

Trust me for one moment in time

A moment that could impact your life

Trust me with your entire life

Trust me after a short amount of time

Trust me, I know who you are

You are so smart, you’ve come so far

Trust me, I won’t hurt you dear

Trust me, baby, have no fear

Trust you from out of the blue

Trust you even though I knew

Trusted you over my gut

Now I trust that I’m in a rut

Trust you with my body boy

Trusted you, but I was a toy

Trusted that you would be okay

Trusted I would never see this day

Trust you with my soul? Please.

Trust you with my mind? Oh geez.

Trust that I will be okay.

Trust that soon will come your day

Trust me, I’ll be praying for you,

Even if it’s hard to do

Trust that I’ve made peace already

Trust me, my world is now steady.

By Jeni


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