Spring Showers

the sound of the rain as it races down the window is engraved in my mind as the thought of you clouds it.

images of your lips on mine blinds my sight. my body shakes as each rain drop makes a home on my bare skin. the wind whispers your name to me. the sound of your voice echoes through my ears as i remember you reciting those sole words to me.

your fingers glide down my naked back but quickly are replaced the boreal rain drops. the tears that blind my eye sight are caused by the simple thought of what we used to be. it is joined by the sound of the sobs that were desperate to depart my body. my lips, that are impetuous for yours, quiver as they are covered by my hand.

my mind is haunted by the memories of us and it pauses at the memory of your lips on mine. i begin to crave that feeling of security and i find my hand clenching to the aqueous sod under my body. my body craves the touch that it became accustomed to and yet, i can not find myself getting used to your absence.

silence surrounds me, but the sound of my aching heart. i stare at my hands that used to be intertwined with yours. emptiness embodies me once again and i am staring at the vast sky as it lets the rain grab my body. closing my eyes, i am once again thinking about what i once had.

but then, in that insignificant moment,

i am reminded of the simple fact,

that i am okay.

By Ivy 


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