The Fight for Expression

are you living? are you really indulging in life? or are you just getting by with the bare minimum? 

Everyone has a “thing.” something they’re passionate about, something they’re good at, something they enjoy more than anything else on earth. Maybe it’s writing or learning. Maybe it’s music or art. whatever it is, it’s yours, and if you think you don’t have one, it’s time to start searching.

Self expression is one of the VERY few things in life that we have complete and utter control over, all of the time! We can choose to let our feelings out in different ways, and put them into media and forms however we like. It isn’t a concept that has to stick with you forever – picking a way to express yourself isn’t a lifetime commitment, and you can find new methods of doing so every single day. You change as a person, flourishing and growing in every aspect of your life and yourself, therefore the ways you express yourself must change as well!

Personally, I enjoy contemporary dance. There’s just something about portraying the sound of a particular piece of music through your body that feels downright magical to me. You’re literally pulling sound into your ears, analyzing it, letting it explode inside of you, and then reacting using graceful physical movements and motions to interpret the song as your own. When I dance, I feel free, and it’s as if I’m confiding my feelings to the music, and through it; to my own body, to an audience, even to the open air I’m filling up with movement.

Whatever it is you enjoy doing, keep doing it, and never let it go. be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. you have the undeniable right to unlimited self expression, and no one can take that away from you. open your heart to the endless opportunities you can seize to help express yourself, and don’t give them up without a fight.

By Courtney


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