Relieving Period Pains

There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to periods!

Whenever I have to use a public restroom to change a pad or tampon I still get nervous that people will know what I’m doing. I’m slowly learning to stop caring about what people think about it, because there really is nothing to be ashamed about! Some of these are from personal experience, and some I’ve actually researched and read about. I hope you try these and they help you because periods suck.

– BLOATING. Drink PLENTY of fluid, because even though you think fluids will make it worse, it actually solves it because it happens when you’re a bit dehydrated. Also- mint tea will help as well.
– SUPERFOODS TO EAT: Dairy (source of magnesium, which brings down stress levels keeping your metabolism healthy), raw honey (source of glucose and fructose, which reduces stress), gelatin (again helps stress and its yummy ha), coconut (i read that coconut oil also reduces days you’re on your period?? not sure, but it boosts metabolism and balances hormones), eggs (helps hormones)

– LEMON. Lemons have a very good amount of vitamins + minerals which keeps you hydrated and healthy and can end cramps. Add lemon to tea, or warm water with honey.
– HEAT PADS OR HOT BATHS. Idk why but it helps. Bonus: adding epsom salts
– YOGA. Relaxes you and your stress levels, and reduces pain from menstrual cramps.
– APPLE CIDAR VINEGAR. Reduces blood clotting, muscle cramping, and overall amount of blood you lose.

– WEAR LOOSE CLOTHING. You want to be comfy of course. And tight pants may be making menstrual cramps worse
– EAT CLEAN. I know its super tempting to eat a ton of junk, but eating healthier will make it end faster and make it less painful. Eat dark chocolate- its good for you and yummy too.
– TAKE WALKS. This can reduce bloating and lower stress.
– PILLOWS. Lay with two pillows under your knees and head, this will reduce pressure on cramp-y areas!


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