two augusts passed 

and still I swam in an ocean of tears

scraping my feet on the jagged rocks 

of broken hearts

that once belonged to living girls:

mermaids, sirens, beauties that were supposed to be able 

to survive out here

two augusts passed

and still my eyes bled from the saltwater –

wet human emotion stings more than

that of the ocean, take my word for it

still my heart ached from the constant

treading water

the screaming for help with a blistered throat

the desparetly trying to stay afloat and preferably alive,

as well,

if no one was opposed to the idea

I spent so long between life and death

in this heartbreak-version of the dead sea

drunk on a voice that sang from the 

deepest points of the mariana trench

high on the seaweed tangled up around 

my broken ankles

pulling me down, painstakingly slow

you came and evaporated it all

in an eye’s twinkling,

and gravity reversed:

I fell into the sky,

where you caught me

a guardian angel and her innocent girl


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