A Revolutionary Revival

it was a nice day for november. the cool breeze was gentle and soothing, unlike the usual harsh, bitter winter wind that stings your skin like pine needles.

this is the day i received the unsettling news that you wanted to leave me and everyone else around you. 

my heart was demolished, i couldn’t make sense of anything at all. everything around me moved in slow motion like some stupid fucking romantic drama. i wanted so desperately to make you feel what i felt on that dreaded, november afternoon. the pain, the pain was so absolute my heart physically ached. i hated you for that. 

weeks later, the loneliness settles over me like a suffocating smog. it fills my lungs and makes it hard for me to breathe. my heart throbs and my mind spins as the sadness invades my senses. it’s all I can feel, think of, and see. all I can do is lie in bed, hoping, praying that it will pass soon. 

a few months later, i still feel like i’m suffocating, but the weight is slowly lifting. now when i talk to you, the feeling of longing is still present, but not as strong as it was previously. 

dizzying, visions of flashes of zooming through a tunnel, the white flashes making me dizzy. images of you race through my mind, your laugh echoes in the hollowness of my broken heart. 

i wake up. the first thing i notice is the light flooding into the room through the worn curtains. it’s warmness caresses me. i am alone, but i can breathe. 

i know i will be just fine without you. 

By Sienna


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